Monday, December 27, 2010

Recycled Turquoise Window

Hope everyone had a happy and peaceful Christmas. It was pretty quiet over here but that is OK, life changes year after year and it is so important to appreciate what you have because you never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball. My brother passed away three days before Christmas last year so the holidays for me and my family are rough. He never had a bad thing to say about anyone. His laugh was contagious and there was never a dull moment when he was around. Truly one of the good ones and I miss him so much :(
My younger brother, Dan, and I on a ski trip in Vermont

Switching gears... my BF gave me a new sander and a heater for my garage along with all kinds of HD goodies. Those who really know you, know exactly what you want. Which brings me to this post. An old friend of mine was going to throw it away and then she thought of me. She knew I'd be thrilled to have it. I'm talking about an old window here. Forgot the before but it really doesn't take much imagination....old window w/ chippy, dirty paint. I decided to paint this a deep turquoise and use the fabric leftovers from this.

I painted the center pane w/ chalkboard paint and used the leftover fabric to dress up the side panes. I had some ugly knobs meant for cabinets in my basement/studio left from the previous owner. So, I primed them and sprayed them black. This little project cost me a big nothing thanks to my good friend and the old owner with poor taste in hardware!!!

A Very Happy New Year to All!!!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bird Seed Wreaths

I saw this a while back and knew it was something I eventually would get around to trying. Such a cool idea and a great gift for a bird loving friend. And a fun project for the kids. A step above rolling pine cones covered in peanut butter in bird seed. Have I ever mentioned we have 3 birds? Oh, and lets not forget the dog that I have a love hate relationship with, good ol' Snickers!
I picked these up at the thrift store for  $1.50.

I used a glue stick to make a hole in the heart shaped one so I can attach a ribbon for hanging. How very ingenious of me!

Notice there is no heart shaped wreath. That's because it fell apart. And my kids thought I was a complete loser for making these, ha!

I don't know but the bird were having a heck of a time trying to get any seed. Even seems to be a bit of a problem for this guy but he's not giving up any time soon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Turquoise Vanity

I found this generic vanity set on CL a while back. The price was right so I took it home. Did you ever go check out a CL find and then decide not to buy? I don't know maybe it's the sucker in me but I feel like once I've taken the ride and I meet the person happily waiting for me to make the purchase, it's like the deal has been sealed whether I want it or not. Please tell me, I am not the only CL sucker out there.
Here it is in my messy garage that I so wish I could squeeze my car into. Never going to happen!

I pulled out my BM paint swatch book. Love this thing especially when you want to mix your own paint concoction. I wanted a a turquoise color but more on the green side. I chose colors close to what I was going for and mixed them into the white. Simple and will save you both a trip out and money buying custom colors.

Yup, I've got tons of paint from my decorative painting days.
I changed out the fabric on the stool. Fairly easy if you use the old fabric as your template and a staple gun.

Here it is painted, distressed and glazed. Not lookin' so generic anymore. I saw the perfect knob on ceramic with touches of black. Sadly there aren't any here in Jersey. Thinkin' about ordering it but for now the glass knob I had on hand will have to do.

I used spray adhesive to line the drawer with the same fabric as the cushion. I am telling you, once you try this your bottle of mod podge will be collecting dust in the corner.
I'm going to CL it unless my youngest decides to claim to it for her room.
Happy Christmas to all my blogging buddies!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Decorative Painting ~ A Trip Down Memory Lane

So I was straightening up my basement which doubles as my art studio. I know I should really be wrapping. I started taking painting classes several years ago, 7 to be exact. Loved the friendships I made with women who had the same interest as me. I had recently been divorced and I was fortunate to continue to stay home, pursue my interests and be home for my kiddos. Once they were in school full time I signed up for painting classes. Best thing I ever did next to divorcing my ex, kidding of course, ok be nice, Susie :)

So while the rest of my blogging buddies are getting nostalgic with  Christmas ornaments, music, and reminiscing of Christmas' past. I was reminiscing about how my love of painting has completely evolved and how it has become a huge part of who I am and what makes me happy. And I would like to share it with you...
My very first piece and I still have it. Well who the heck else would want it??

I love this because it was the first piece I did by myself at my kitchen table with no instructions but the book.

I love Ros Stallcup! She is an artist who just goes with it, no patterns and I loved doing her stuff for a LONG time and still do! Did this for my sister using her technique.

Then I got into murals and it just wasn't my calling.

I really love this although not my style. It was one of those I can't believe I painted this kinda pieces.

I so loved doing this. I painted it for the school auction along with 2 matching chairs. Definitely one of my faves!

And lastly, crazy detailed but love her stuff, Betty Caithness design. So much time but so worth it!

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane! I know I did :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

5 dollar find!

As the rest of you are busy wrapping, shopping and decorating, I am still obsessed with painting furniture. Yes, I need to get my priorities in order or I will be a complete stress case this time next week. Anyway, I picked this up at the flea market for a mere 5 bucks.  I love the shape of the legs, the carved sides, the oval top plus it's all  made of solid cherry and perfectly constructed from a company called Mersman. I've been wanting to sand something down to the bare wood and stain it and this seemed like the perfect piece to do just that since the top was in poor shape.
Just started sanding when I remembered to take a before pic.
I mixed some blue and gray craft paint into a creamy white I already had. I was going for mostly gray with a hint of blue. I asked my kids what color it looked like to them, my son said, sky blue-wrong answer, my older daughter said light blue- again wrong answer and my youngest daughter responded with, it looks grayish blue-right answer. She is my artsy one so we'll go with her response!
All stain removed and sanded and painted a lovely shade of sky blue :).
I stained the top with minwax dark walnut.

Hmmmm, it is lookin' a little on the blue side.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Paris Chic Toy Box

I was given this toy box from a friend whose kids have long outgrown the toy years. The pic is sent from an iphone so it's a bit blurry.
Don't mind their mess. They had no clue I'd be blogging about this. I'm sure they would have tidied up a bit had they known :)
Primed and looking better already!
Started painting it and added a chalkboard top.
Ohh la la! I taped it off and painted random sized stripes then added a stencil design.
And some matching dots with the back of my paint brush.
Prettied up the inside door too.
Here is the stencil I used that I picked up at Michael's. I love it!! You will definitely be seeing it again and again and again! I'm thinking I might add it to the sides of this

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