Thursday, July 18, 2013

Aren't ingerie chests are hard to come by? This is the first one I found at a reasonable price via CL.
I listed it in my Etsy shop and custom painted it for a woman who lives in NYC. She chose my favorite I find it hard to do custom pieces when I'm not feeling what the buyer is. Please don't make me paint it that way a little voice in my head says.

Amazing how lighting can skew a color. I used the exact same paint on this but you would never know it.

Happy Painting and stay cool. This weather absolutely sucks for painting!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Glazing VS Dark Waxing

I'm a glazer. How about you? I'm sure there's a learning curve with dark wax, one I haven't been able to master unless I add mineral spirits to liquify the wax. Then I must clear wax first, add my liquified dark wax then clear wax again. With the price of this stuff and time involved, I prefer the tried and true glazing. Whenever I come across a piece that is carved and calls for glazing or dark waxing, I always forgo the chalk paint and wax. I just go with latex and a custom mix glaze.

I found this on CL. A very happy find I might add. Look at those legs!

She had some veneer issues which were puttied up with Quik Wood and smoothed out with my orbital sander.

After sanding and priming, I went with one of my favorite colors, Behr Light French Gray followed up with glaze mixed with charcoal acrylic paint. You know, the small tubes you can buy at the craft store for $1.99. I like to use 3 parts glaze to 1 part paint.

I have a whole tub of dark wax and would love to hear your tips on making it work for me. I find it's a really hard product to work with. Any advice?

Thanks for popping in!

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