Monday, April 23, 2012

Bright and Fun For A Baby

I painted this French Provincial Dresser for a woman in Nebraska who contacted me through my Etsy shop. She is having a baby girl next month and this will be going in her nursery as a dresser/changing table.

            Katie wanted bright and fun. She chose the color. I was nervous because it was super bright and I don't do bright. Here it is... inspired by Katie for her new baby....

Bright, bold and fun! If it weren't for Katie, I would've painted this my standard blue/gray. It was fun to get out of my comfort zone and do something I otherwise wouldn't have.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Mirror That Almost Became A Chalkboard

I am so glad I didn't chalkboard this one and I have my cyberspace blogging friends to thank.Your input made me rethink my plan. The mirror belonged to this dresser. It was all spotty and silver streaked but had a beveled edge and beautiful carving. I stashed it away for another day. Today was the day and I love it and will NOT be selling it. It's going above my fireplace.
Yup, some turquoise stuff going on and an oddly shaped leg.
No primer just sanded and dry brushed one of my favorite oops paints and glazed in charcoal.

Did I mention I'm keeping this one for me :)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rustic Chippy & Turquoise

Inspired by this amazing table which I saw a while back. When I started sanding down the top of my flea market find I knew that was where I was going with this.

Look at the curves on! Took three 150 sanding discs and an hour to strip her down.The wood under the old stain is beautiful...planky and rustic.

  I stained the top in a mix of Minwax Dark Walnut and Ebony followed up several coats of wipe on poly.

Painted turquoise just as my inspiration piece. I swiped on Vaseline in areas I didn't want the paint to grab to give it a chippy worn look. Glazed it in charcoal to tone it down a bit, wipe on poly and done. I love it almost as much as European Paint Finishes piece.

Don't ya love those who inspire you?

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break and a Souvenir

 My girls were on Spring Break last week so we decided to spend a couple of nights in Lancaster, PA. It was so beautiful there....farmlands, open fields and the Amish. Amazing how they live and cook :) While trying to find the Strasburg Railroad....yes, we are tourists and will pay to do touristy things, we pass by a Goodwill. This of course takes precedence over the tourist trap thing. Let me tell ya, GW there was no tourist trap. I grabbed this as my souvenir.

We eventually found our way to our destination...

Yup, they're sisters believe it or not. They look completely different and they're personalities are completely different.

I painted my souvenir a mix of Paris Gray CP and some blue and white oops paint. Who said ya can't mix latex and CP??? It went on just like CP and saved me a lot of money. Then I glazed it in charcoal. Sprayed the pulls flat black and dry brushed them in silver. Lined the drawers and cabinets in some pretty fabric and I am loving my souvenir :)

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