Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lace and a Hot Mess

This just might be one of my favorite redos. Minus the spiders, their eggs and a whole lotta cob webs. Besides the spiders and their soon to be babies it came with a rotted leg which I fixed using this method.

Here's a pic after I scrubbed her with Clorox Clean Up and sanded down some peeling paint. Yup, this is after I cleaned her up.

And here she is after....

The drawer fronts were done by laying a piece of lace fabric over them and then spray painting. I taped off the edge of the drawers first because I wanted to keep them white. I used Rustoleum Aluminum in a matte finish and sprayed the pulls as well. Make sure to use a fresh piece of lace for each part you me on this!

 I loved doing this one so much, not to mention it sold super quick, I did another.

Happy Weekend and Happy Painting!!!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Amazing Legs!

Would you walk away from those legs even if one was broken and her veneer was a hot mess? Me either.

Here she is partially stripped of her veneer. A drag of a job!
The broken leg getting repaired.

I wasn't kidding when I said hot mess. I used the iron and wet towel method to loosen the glue from the veneer. Then took a putty knife and slid it under the veneer. Whacked the heck out of it and sanded down the rough spots. Prepping this took far longer than painting her. But I knew that before getting myself into this mess.

She did clean up super nice though!

Look at that beutiful back plate. I was completely bummed that two were cracked so I used glass ones on the top drawer.

I chose French Gray which is one of my favorites and tends to sell  quickly. Stripped and stained the top dark walnut and charcoal glazed in the carved areas.

Happy Weekend!!!!

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