Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty Please w/ a Cherry on Top :)

 Yay me, I'm a finalist for February's Saturday Mornings blog. Very cool and since I never win, ok, that's a stretch. In fact, I do crazy well at the craps tables in AC and roulette too. That's Atlantic City for the non East Coasters. But I have never won anything, nope not a thing, in blog world. So hop on over here and check it out and of course voting for me certainly wouldn't hurt either :) Then maybe I'll bring you to AC w/ me and I'll show you how to roll those dice, win a little $ and we can hit the thrift stores together!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gray Vintage Side Table

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. I lucked out and had front row seats to a John Lennon tribute at a small theater Saturday night. I have never sat front row in my life and it was amazing.  I am a huge Beatles fan ever since my mom took me to see Beatlemania when I was in the 7th grade. Off my love of the Beatles and onto the vintage table redo.

Very cool table but the top was a mess and I really wanted to stain it but the previous stain ran too deep.

Primed w/ gray spray primer. Too many nooks and crevices to brush on so I took the easy way out.

Painted gray w/ the slightest touch of blue...just had to. You know me and my blue thing.

I'm thinking maybe I should paint the top a flat black.What do you think? Or maybe a harlequin pattern w/ charcoal black?

I'm going to put it in my Etsy shop as is for now and see if it moves. If not then I'll change it up a bit.

A couple of blog friends thought black would be the way to go and I agree. So, I got up this morning and added a couple of coats of flat black. I like it better this way. What do you think?

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ya Sick of Me and My Blue Nightstands Yet??

I hope not 'cause here we go again! Short and sweet...not going to bore you w/ the details plus it's late and I need my ZZZZZZ'S.

The lovely, dust me, sand me, fill in all my not so pretty flaws. Well maybe not all of those flaws, after all glaze looks good in those imperfections.
It had some big crevices that needed to be filled in...wood filler. Honestly if I could market this stuff as a wrinkle filler, I would be one rich girl!
Ooops, I see I missed glazing that back leg. Must fix....tomorrow!

Thanks for popping in!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Perfect Color!

I love redoing generic vanities so when I saw this on CL I asked my BF to pick it up for me.  It was 5 minutes from him and we were getting together later that evening, perfect!
Not so perfect, thought it would be an easy sand, paint, change out fabric and done. Not quite, the previous owner decided to give it a fresh coat of paint with brush strokes an ant could ski off of, slammed unnecessary nails in it, and added a little Gorilla Glue here and there for good measure, just perfect!. I sanded the heck out of it, fixed the nail situation and mixed up a perfect shade of blue/turquoise. I love this color!!!
I mixed some left over blue from this and added a few squirts of Americana Bluegrass Green.

One of my favorite parts of painting is mixing colors.

Here's the before.

I sprayed the cheapo knobs satin black and then added a little crystal with Liquid Nails. Not Anthro but sure beats the dollar special.

And Happily Ever After

Have a great weekend everyone!

Update...sold on Etsy in a couple of hours. So well worth the Gorilla Glue, endless sanding and countless/needless nails! Makes me so happy and makes my garage look a little less like a furniture show room :)

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Little Shabby and Chic

I miss my flea market! As much as I love snow, it's starting to get a little old over here in NJ. There are certain things that just aren't around in the Winter~flea markets and garage sales. Anyone else feelin' a little cooped up these days?

                I picked this up for $10...oh I miss you Flea Market!

The inside is painted pink. Can't really tell from the pic.

This was another flea market find. I sprayed it semi gloss white and  then washed pink over some of it. I loved the carvings but they were a little lost after spraying so I glazed in just a few areas here and there. Even though I carefully covered the mirror w/ post its, there was some spray residue. I used nail polish remover to remove it...came off so easy and sure beat me scraping it w/the finger nails I don't really have.

Like my lame attempt at staging for Etsy??
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