Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pottery Barn Style

I had these matching chairs hanging around. The guy I buy my boxes for shipping gave me a drop leaf table that belonged to his dad. He had no use for it anymore so I happily took it off his hands :) I'm good like that. Little side note....tell everyone what you do. Ya never know what might freely fall in your lap.

Oh it's ugly in that garage!

Just goes to show ya, everything comes back in style. Notice the middle fabric...cheetah print.
These wire cutters made yanking the staples out so much easier than my needle nose pliers. They have also come in handy cutting orthodontic wires while on vaca. Not really the same pair but I love this pic and wanted to share it with you.
Me, the concerned Mom, my special friend, aka Dr. Dave orthodontist extraordinaire, my paranoid daughter and my idiot brother laughing in the background! Orthodontics at the RENTAL beach house before cocktail hour! A classic photo.

Apparently I didn't take a before pic of the drop leaf table....oops!

Now I am off to Ireland! No kidding....going to visit my son who is doing his first semester there. So, yay me!! I can't wait to see him! Have a great week!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Little Hot Pink and Zebra Print

I love these ice cream parlor chairs. They have great lines and the possibilities are endless. This one got a little spray of hot pink. Spray paint...whoever came up with this awesome, time saver in a can is right up there with Mike Wolfe in my world.  I scored the zebra print fabric in the 50% off remnants while impatiently waiting on the way too long line at Joanne's.

I asked my daughter, Julia, to stabilize it for me while I drilled holes to attach the seat and she said...Should I sit on it? I replied....only if you want me to drill through your ass, ha! OK I made her a bit paranoid. Thinkin' paybacks for the teenage years.

I love this chair. It was simple but something about it makes me happy :)

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Am I Boring You?

Well I'm boring me. I did this dresser the same as this one  because someone liked the other but it had already sold. Which of course makes happy but none the less, same paint, same pulls, same stain....same old, same old. This one had too much prep work involved for my liking. A somewhat cheap find on CL, after all I am cheap, but we established that already, now didn't we?? Thinkin' Uniquely Cheap may be more fitting, hmmm.
Likin' those decoupaged grapes aren't you?? Oh how I hate those grapes but we'll get to that in the next pic. Oh and I also hate a million coats of paint and what someone else considered glazing.
These little suckers did not want to come off. Not even w/ paint stripper. They just hung on there for dear life until I zapped them w/ wallpaper remover. Still had to scrape away like a crazy person but they came off. Grapes are great w/ cheese and of course for making wine but not great on this.
Bring on my resident stripper, My Michelle. She loves stripping, paint that is. Look at that girl happily stripping away. It's like Christmas or something in her world. Gotta love this child :)
All stripped except the turned legs...was not going to go there...trust me, you don't want to either. Gave them a good sanding and called it a day.

And here she is in all her grapeless glory!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are You Kidding Me???

Yup, that's what I said when I found this complete 1930's bedroom set on Craiglist for 50.00. This is my best score to date. I was in picker heaven. Yes, I have a little obsession going on over here and his name is Mike Wolfe, haha! Please don't tell my husband...oh that's right, I don't have one, ha!

The set belonged to the mother of the woman I bought it from. It was given to her mom and husband as a wedding gift. Love hearing the history that sometimes goes with the find. 

I started w/ the vanity and am SLOWLY making progress on the chifferobe/armoire. The head and foot board are still waiting and so is the dresser that has the same beautiful mirror as the vanity. I am having too much fun working on these, accept for the fact, there is no where to move in my garage.....just this skinny, little narrow space.
I primed it and made the mistake of using water based only to have the dreaded bleed through. So I primed again w/ oil based Kilz and painted it a soft blue from Martha Stewarts line...can't recall the name, something with an A and Elegant Lace by Glidden. I never buy paint other than the oops stuff but I needed to splurge so I wouldn't run out. Oh and I really, really wanted to splurge on chalk paint but they don't call me The Cheap Mom over here for nothin'.

I totally love this and I love the happy accident of capturing the rose bush in the mirror.

A little toile fabric lining the drawers and the top stained in Minwax American Walnut.
 Like I said, this was my best find yet but like anything old it always comes with issues...peeling veneer, joints that need to be tightened, 100 year old grime that needs to be cleaned up before the painting fun can begin. So happy painting to you! And excuse my relentless bragging of my cheap finds!!!

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