Thursday, December 5, 2013

High Gloss and Lacquered Finishes

High Gloss.....not what I typically do but a couple of custom orders put me there. I have to tell you, I really like the look. It's sleek and catches the light beautifully. The downfall to high gloss or laquered finishes is you really, really need a piece that has minimal imperfections. A gloss finish picks up imperfections like a girl trying to hide a pimple with a dab of cover up....does not work. It's there, you see it, nice try. Try again.

Lucky for me the pieces to be painted were in good shape and just needed a light sanding and a spray primer. Light coats are best w/ a quality brush. I added Floetrol to the paint. This will leave your finish with virtually no brush marks. It just levels the paint out amazingly. You must try this stuff!


I really like how they turned out but there is just a part of me that LOVES, LOVES, LOVES a chippy rustic finish. What's your favorite finish???

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