Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aubusson meets Graphite

This tall boy was a part of a set I picked up a while back. I struggle with tall boys, high boys, chest on chest or whatever you want to call them. They're supposed to be the "man" piece and maybe that's why I get stumped with color choice.
 Let me tell you, this piece was beautiful from the get go but had a ton of scratches on the top. All furniture should be this well made and easy to work on. Quick sanding on top and right to painting.

Well this one is NOT for the boys anymore. She's too pretty and elegant to house boxer shorts and boy stuff. 

One pull was missing sadly. So what's a girl to do?  Swipe these beauties off of her boyfriend's dated bathroom vanity. I was eying them up for a while. Hmmm, wonder if he'll notice, nahh probably not :)

Happy weekend!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

French Stencils

I found this pretty pie crust table which was top coated in "I don't know what"....some super glossy but easily removable stuff.

Me's got some pretty hands, huh? And two hair ties on wrist in case one just isn't enough. I took a small paint scraper to it and it literally just peeled right off. See those little flecks on my arm?

That's about as good of a before pic as it's going to get. Picture pretty pie crust table with shiny, easily, yay me, scrape away crap on it. Now, let's fast forward....

A couple of coats of ASCP in Old White which I'm still skeptical about. Mostly about it really worth it? I will say this though, this piece distressed beautifully and waxed amazingly to a super smooth finish. Will I use it for everything I paint? No, I think you can acheive a beautiful finish with latex too. If I'm going to distress then ASCP would probably be my first choice.

It looked a little plain when I was finished so I used a French stencil to give it a little something extra. I bought this one and a couple of others here...
Tell her I sent ya, maybe I'll get a freebie :) After all, I'm the cheap Mom!

Happy Tuesday, Sue

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