Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello Spring Dresser

Doesn't feel much like Spring here. In fact, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Are you kidding me? Thought it was some cruel April Fools joke the weather guy decided to play....wishful thinking. Since it's so not Spring like here, I decided to paint this a bring on Spring, sunny, happy color.

It was in nice shape except for a couple of minor veneer issues and a piece of molding torn off. I pulled the intact piece off and naturally saved it for some other future find..
There was also a buckling drawer issue that I didn't notice until I got it home. This was replaced w/ a new piece of plywood.

I didn't prime because I planned to distress it quite a bit and didn't want the white primer to show through. Instead, I sanded it a little more heavily to give the paint something to grab on to. I sanded the original stain off the top and restained w/ Minwax dark walnut. 

Isn't the wood grain on this beautiful?

And here is the happy, sunny, wish it was 70 degrees yellow dresser...

Have a happy and hopefully sunny weekend!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shabby Chic Accent Table

They said $10 and I said about $5? Deal, yay! Funny how haggling becomes second nature. Forgot to take a before but picture a dark wood accent table w/ nice turned legs, scalloped lower shelf. This had shabby chic written all over it and that is what I did.

See those little corner appliques? Well I ripped gently tore them off of this 50 cent frame which I used to make these.
Hope everyone had a happy and peaceful weekend! And where the heck is the Spring weather in my neck of the woods??? Hope wherever you are, you have reached above the 40's! I'm still impatiently waiting.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Framed Starfish

These are pretty quick and easy to make. All you need are a few old frames, paint, starfish and ribbon or jute. I picked up these old frames for 50 cents at the thrift store. I had the starfish laying around from this fun dresser redo.  The jute had been stashed away from my Girl Scout leader days when we painted terracotta pots and tied them w/ raffia for Mother's day gifts. That was a long time ago and how I remembered exactly where I put it should say something about my organizational skills. Trust me, it was a fluke!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

French Curvy Nightstands

How pretty are these??? Loved them the minute I laid eyes on them. There are two of them but I'll show you just one since I did them up the same anyway. These are perfect for glazing since they have so many carved areas.

Amazing what glaze can do.

Love the engraved vine design on the leather top.

I'm selling these in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested in one or both of these. Hope everyone has a great weekend...Happy Spring!
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Turquoise Blue Vintage Dresser

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the extra hour of daylight. I spent a good part of the weekend hanging in my garage with my ipod stuck in my ear, completely immersed in fixing and painting this CL find. There is no place else that I'd rather be, well maybe on a beach in the Caribbean w/ a salted rim margarita in hand. Who am I kidding? But I do love painting something that's seen better days and making it happy and new again. It just makes me happy :)
Major veneer issues that were fixed with Quik this stuff!

It seems I didn't take any pics while painting...guess I got caught up in the moment. Another problem I encountered was the mirror was missing from the dresser leaving behind holes on the surface where the mirror should be attached.

This is what I did to take care of the problem...

I bought a piece of moulding at HD that was wide enough to cover the holes and then had the HD guy cut it to size.
I sprayed it Krylons Dark Walnut and cleaned up the original pulls w/ the same. When it was dry, I painted it to match the dresser and distressed it to show some of the walnut spray paint.

Here it is all finished w/ a stunning backdrop of my dirty garage.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Double Vision

Picked up this pair of nightstands at the flea market which is finally open again after a long winter. You have no idea how much I missed this place from the eclectic and amusing vendors to the awesome finds. It just felt great walking around there again.
Bow front drawers, silver clam shell pulls, curvy legs and mine for 20.00.
Painted and ready for glaze.
Can you tell the one on the right has silver metallic glaze and the other one doesn't?? It shimmers just a little. Still have to do the other...tomorrow.
Well, look at me staging :) I should probably get a close up of those pulls. The reason I silver glazed in the first place.

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