Monday, August 22, 2011

Polka Dots and Butterflies!

This little set has been sitting and patiently waiting. While it waited it served this purpose.

Theses were covered in saw dust and cob webs.

I should have just spray painted the whole set pink and then added the accents. Not me though, I like wasting time and doing things the hard way. Actually, the thought never occurred to me until I finished hand painting the chairs. 

My daughter said to go w/ a pink, brown and white theme. It is all the rage so I'm told.

Have I mentioned I need a new camera and oh I want a beach house too! I dragged this outside and the pics were even worse than inside....UGH!


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Monday, August 15, 2011

French Provincial and a Little Vintage Nightstand

I love doing nightstands. They're usually quick redos with that instant gratification factor. Who doesn't love instant grat over sweating, stripping, sanding?

I showed you this one from my flea market find a couple of weeks back. I gave it a beachy coat of blue, the cutest little clam shell pull and lined the drawer in burlap.

And this one I found on Friday. I already spray primed when I remembered to take a pic. I mixed up the prettiest shade of Tiffany Box blue and accented the carvings in white and sprayed the original pull semi gloss white.

Is it me or is it really hard to capture the true color?? It makes me CRAZY!  It's that time...American Pickers! Have a great week everyone!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cabinet Door to Beach Themed Message Board

No before pic for ya because we all know what a builders special, oak cabinet door looks like anyway. Plus I simply forgot to take one.
This cabinet door was saved from my kitchen remodel. I painted the frame beachy blue and used chalkboard paint in the center. Added some starfish....have you picked up on the fact I love starfish and want a beach house yet? If not, stick around, it's great fun listening to me whine about the beach house thing all the time!

 How cute is this for my beach house Etsy Shop???

Notice how the starfish keep the chalk handy?
Have a happy weekend!!!!
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love/Hate Frenchy Dresser

Gotta a little love/hate relationship going on with this one. What's to love?

However, there's almost always a price to pay for FREE. This is where the hate part comes in. The price.... AGGRAVATION.


Lucky for me, I recently made a new friend, Jay, at the local building center who cut new drawer bottoms for me.

PRICE = $6 and a case of Budweiser

He's done me many favors like this lately so to show my appreciation, I brought him a case of his fave beer.

The body however was not an easy fix. I glued and clamped and glued and clamped again and it still wobbled...ugh. I just couldn't figure out what the problem was. I bought some corner brackets and screwed them in the top and bottom corners of the body of the dresser. Nope, still swaying and so not happy. I threw a blanket over it and let it sit for a month.

I discussed my dilemma w/ Jay and he suggested nailing plywood to the back. He cut me a piece (free) claiming at the register it was "scrap" and showed me the nails I should use. Worked like a CHARM!

I should stain the plywood, don't ya think?

PRICE = brackets... $2.36
nails... 1.99
Sanded, primed and painted w/ a blue oops concoction.

PRICE = .50 cents

Added some rose pulls and a resin rose swag.

PRICE = 4.00 yay Home Goods for the pretty el cheapo pulls
PRICE = Rose Swag...$2.25 on Etsy from  

Gotta give a shout out to my fellow Etsy girls!
Total cost...$18.61, a case of Bud and a friend in high places, priceless!
Here it is now.....finally!

Love those little key holes!

Thanks for popping in and feeling my pain!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Demi Lune Table and Friday Flea Market Finds!

I was walking around the Flea market on Friday and found nothing, big fat ZERO! Until I rounded the last aisle of potential goodies.....crap in other peoples world...not in mine, not in yours.
This is what I found...
Free for me! Seems the vendor left his crap goodies behind because it was so hot!
Yup, has some major veneer issues that I plan on just yanking off. See I started already.

Cute 5 dollar nightstand...woo hoo! Love redoing nightstands!

Accent table which I think I just may mosaic. It's been way too long!

And lastly this very cool, carved demi lune table. The vendor wanted $15 for this and $10 for the one above. I offered, $20 for both...accepted! Ohhh I feel like I am an on American pickers sometimes. LOVE that show!!
Here's what I did w/ the demi lune. I painted it blue/gray and then glazed it. How could you not glaze this w/the beautiful carved leaf motif, right?
Unglazed and someone's house is a wreck. So much for staging, ha! This looks way grayer than it is.

Glazed...still not showing its true color....stupid camera :)

Well, it's American Pickers time so time for me to park it on the couch! If you've never checked that show out, you must....9:00 Central time on the History Channel!

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