Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vintage Suitcase Turned Nightstand

They're all over Pinterest. Just so happens my daughter had one laying around that she found at a thrift shop a couple of years ago. Just so happens it was collecting dust in her closet and it also happens we're redoing her room and it's her Birthday in a few days.

 So I got this idea to make one for her for her Birthday. I grabbed the legs off of this curbside find.

I removed the legs plus that wood thingie they're attached to. 

The legs had screws in them so I jabbed them into the box for easy priming and painting.

Sorry no more pics but after I was done painting the suitcase and legs, I flipped it over and attached the "wood thingie" to the bottom of the suitcase using the same screws and then screwed the legs back into it.

I painted it white with a couple of coordinating stripes that are the same color as her room I painted last week. This was the first time I used Pratt and Lambert paint and it blows Benjamin Moore away as far as consistency and coverage goes. Plus it is way cheaper.

Happy Sweet 16 to my Julia!

 Another Pinterest project scratched off the bucket list!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Show Me the Money

So, I picked this up at the flea market. 

And I find this stashed away in a yellowed envelope behind one of the drawers.
What would you do???

We'll get back to the money in a little while.

I painted her in a mix of ASCP Louis Blue and Paris Gray with accents of Old White. Distressed quite a bit and applied clear wax.

French Provincial pieces are my favorites especially when there's a wad of cash hiding in them.

Dry brushed the hardware with Old White. Yeah, I'm getting to the money.

      So, I pull out the money. Honestly a million thoughts are running through my head....cha cha cha ching! This is what I found.....


30 Two dollar bills.........60 bucks.....exactly what I paid for the dresser! So the dresser was free for me. Got me thinking though, if I really did find a significant amount of money what would I do with it. What would you do? Finders keepers, pay it forward, try to find the original owner?

Happy Weekend, Happy Finds!!!

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