Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Graphite and Old White Part Two

 If you've been following along you know I get on these color kicks. I think I did two years of blue gray and I still love that color. Now I'm loving black and white.

I found a beautiful French Provincial set on CL at a great price a while back. I'm sure I bragged about it somewhere on my blog. I'm good for that. This is a Kent Coffey....they don't make them any better than this. One regret, I should have sanded down the top. It had some scratches and I was thinking ...well I'm using ASCP so why bother? No sanding, no priming, blah, blah. Trust me if you have scratches ASCP is not going to miraculously make them disappear. Pull out that sander, my friends.
It was missing one original center key thingie on those middle drawers so I used some glass ones instead. Who doesn't love a little bling especially on a Frenchy piece??

I did up the nightstand to go with it although I'll happily sell them separately. I added toile fabric with spray adhesive to the inside cabinet. I also added a little black latex to the graphite to get a truer black. Waxed it up....hate waxing, but it does look super pretty when it's finished.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Have a great week, Sue

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