Friday, January 27, 2012

Me Again...Doin' the Blue Gray Dresser Thing

Don't we all have our go to color? This was another CL find from a couple I have bought from before and instantly connected with. Love that! Did I anticipate being there for an hour yapping, yes. Did I anticipate 2 hours, no. But it was nice hanging out having coffee w/ a down to earth couple I felt like I have known for forever. If you're reading this George and Robin, yes, I'm talkin' about you.
This has an awesome mirror that goes with it that I was too lazy to drag out to take a pic of. I sanded the top down which happily took all of about 20 when it is that easy. No strippers needed.
Sanded, spray primed, painted and glazed. Quick word on glazing. Glaze really tones a color down so don't be concerned if your paint seems to be in your face. See what I mean... 
Cold colors look way better glazed in black/charcoal. Warm colors, glaze in brown/burnt umber. Just my 2 cents.
I stripped the frame around the mirror too. That took a bit more time but still came off easily enough even in the recessed areas.

Stained it all in Dark Walnut but you knew that already, didn't you?

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

French Gray Vanity

Found this on CL and happily the woman selling it was only 15 minutes from me. Love the legs and scalloped edges. I used ASCP in Paris Gray, distressed it and glazed in charcoal. I'll tell ya, I am loving not priming or sanding.

It had a cracked leg issue. I used these clamps and they are amazing for legs, mitered edges, anywhere there's a kooky angle.
The clamp is called Maestro and I love the new detail sander I got for Christmas too....Genesis. Perfect for getting into routered edges.

Sadly it's not real wood but it is still pretty.

How's that for a little picture over load??

Happy little side note...I listed this in my Etsy shop and it sold in a few hours... more room in the garage means guilt free CL pursuing in the AM!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Duck Egg

You know what I'm referring to....chalk paint. Well, I held out and didn't buy any. Yes, it was killing me. Instead I waited patiently for Christmas. And what do you know, I received the three that were on my wish list....DE, Old White and Paris Gray. Guess someones been behaving :) I used the OW first and I'll tell ya, wasn't happy with it. It went on very thick and left tons of brush marks.Then I tried the Duck Egg and oh, I love it. I especially love no sanding and priming. This went on smooth and creamy. So what's up with the OW???

Here are my tester projects...
Set of candlesticks which happily sold in a day in my Etsy shop. Maybe Annie is on to something :)
Someone needs new photo props.
Happy flea market find.

And the sea shell props one more time just in case ya missed 'em in the last two pics.

I love this one!!!
I just started a vanity/writing desk in Paris Gray. That one is going on nice too. Maybe I got a bad batch of OW or maybe I should add some water...thoughts???

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Striped Beach Dresser

Thinking about the beach and my someday beach house on this finally feeling like winter day in Jersey. Which brings me to the CL dresser I just finished. Which I froze my butt off taking outside pics of just for you and my Etsy shop too :)

Notice all the mismatched hardware which I'll save for another day.
I sanded down the top getting it ready for some new stain and taped off to do some striping.
I added some new starfish pulls that I found at a local building center. They were originally silver so I sprayed them dark walnut to match the new dark walnut stained top. I glazed w/ a mix of 1 part gray paint and 3 parts glaze to tone it down. Who wants a dresser that looks like a bright ugly striped shirt? Don't like my man in one and don't  like a dresser wearing one either.

Just another one for that someday beach house.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Friends Who Pick Trash Just For You

Aren't they the best kind? Here's a little quick trash to treasure compliments of a friend.

Wishing you all a very happy 2012! Now back to watching the Giants kick a little Cowboys butt!

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