Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Warped Shelf

This nightstand was thrown in as a freebie when I bought its matching dresser and mirror. Nothing is free friends....the lower shelf was completely warped. No wonder the woman I bought it from so graciously gave this to me. Not that I mind of course :)

Now I must remove the shelf without causing further damage. I don't have any "real" saws so I used this rotary tool which I love for sanding detailed areas and simple cuts.
I'm now left with the above....a very messy leg.

I took a piece of scrap wood and cut off small pieces to block off the holes on the legs where the shelf used to sit.
I left one side open to fill w/ wood filler. Make sure to put a piece of painters tape on the inside of the wood where contact will be made w/ filler or you will NEVER get the mold/wood off.
Mix up some of this stuff that smells wonderful. Grab a plastic knife and cram into the hole. Patiently wait....remove mold thingie.
Sand it back and you're good to go. This stuff dries rock hard so don't wait too long to sand. I waited about half an hour. 

My free, long curvy legged, shelfless nightstand....

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