Monday, September 19, 2011

I Love Blue/Gray Paint

I just finished this one...the weather here in NJ is perfect for painting these last few days. I know it won't last long...probably should be doing yard work but we all have our priorities in order, now don't we? Tomorrow I have to do not so fun painting.....priming the basement walls, ugh!

Painted my favorite blue/gray. I sanded down the top and stained Minwax Dark Walnut. Sprayed the pulls w/ dark walnut and lined the drawers in a coordinating striped fabric. OK time to go check out the "NEW" Two and a Half Men while I tape "pickers".
Happy Monday!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Replicating Decorative Trim on a Vanity Find

The early bird gets the worm and guess who was not the early bird? And guess who missed out on awesome flea market finds? Yup, you got it, me. There were a few beautiful vintage dressers, super cheap, but when I inquired....SOLD. One vendor even quipped...these were sold before you even rolled out of bed! Ugh....must he even rub it in? But then I spied this, hidden behind some junk other wonderful finds meant for someone else. He says 75.00...I say, very sweetly, how about 50.00 and he says 60.00. Sold!

So, I get it home and notice there are pieces of decorative trim missing. And then
I come up with this awesome idea, if I do say so myself, to replicate the pieces of decorative molding. I have seen others use a similar method to create "wood" appliques using Sculpey Clay.

How many times have you passed up something because parts of the trim were missing?? Never again, my friends :)This post just might take me to 200 followers...I'm like the little engine that could, ha!

Using sculpey the clay on the trim/molding that still exists. Peel it off you have your mold. Bake as the directions call for.
Apparently this was not Sculpey Clay in the craft box....ugh!
Found the true Sculpey Clay and now I have my molds. The pic is lame but you get the idea.

 Use a piece of Quik Wood and press it into the Sculpey mold....don't let the QW set. Remove it and using a butter knife cut it to fit the missing area. Use a little wood glue to hold them in place once hardened. Are you totally loving me yet or what???

Prime, it, paint it and it's as good as new!

Can you find the "missing link"??

 I replaced the tarnished original mirror and to cut cost used 1/8" thick mirror as opposed to the pricey original 1/4" and secured it w/ a bead of silicone.

I love this color!

Sadly the woven bench was coming apart so I cut ply wood and added foam and fabric and attached it to the bench w/ screws.

Love those original pewter pulls....they cleaned up super nice!
I just started a Facebook page to market my redos, it's on my side bar and I would love for you to like me!! You may already like me but not in the FB world :)
Happy weekend to all my blogging buddies who amaze and inspire me!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

IRENE and a Buffet Server


I started this post before Irene hit us....6 inches of water in my finished basement....everything ruined and insurance has denied the claim. My basement I dubbed "my happy place"'s my space where I create. In the midst of all this, my son left for college to Ireland and was having a rough start. My heart was breaking for him.Thank God for Skype and Facebook to positive talk his negative. A huge tree fell and missed my house by a foot and that ensued a battle between me, the township and the association as to whose responsibility it was to remove (BTW I won, the association lost). The straw the broke this typically optimistic camels back... an employee of the company that did the clean up stole my Ipod. After I treated these strangers like, snacks and coffee at the midnight hour. After that, I pretty much crawled into a little dark place and went MIA...just felt like if anything could go wrong, everything was going wrong.

Enough of my pity on to the CL find buffet/side board.

OH it feels good to be back in the blogospere and painting again!

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