Thursday, May 31, 2012

When Trash Becomes a Treasure

I had no intention of blogging about these two, but turns out I really love how they turned out. I almost never spray paint except on small stuff.  I was feeling lazy and in need of a little instant gratification.

The unsuspecting about to be sprayed victims...

If they could talk, you know they would thank me :)

This one was even worthy of some wilted rose props.

This guy needs no wilted rose props because he is just too him :)

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

CL Finds and Sage Green

CL and coffee is how I start my mornings. I seem to keep coming across these Federal Dressers on CL. In fact I have two still sitting in my garage. I'm thinking maybe I'll paint the next one pink.

I just bought a MUCH needed new living room set and the throw pillows have sage green in them so that's what I decided to mix up w/ the various oops paints I had on hand.

Naturally, I stripped and stained the top. I just love that look!

If this dresser had a middle drawer, I'd keep it and use it as a console for my flat screen. Oh that's right I don't have a flat screen. Am I the only one who still has a 200 pound tube tv???

There he is, my son, and his cheesy face taking advantage of a photo op!

Have a Happy Memorial Weekend Everyone!!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back to Blue Gray :)

Back in my blue gray box again :) I've been searching for a desk like this to match a dresser I painted for a woman a while back. CL came through as usual! Plus I bought the matching dresser too. The top on that one can't be stained because of a big old gauge through the veneer which completely bums me out.
Big hot mess in the garage...ya like that toilet bowl plunger prop, don't ya? 

It even came w/ a matching bench. I didn't use the bench because the woman who I painted it for preferred a chair and it just so happens, I had the perfect one just waiting.

Painted my favorite blue gray and glazed in charcoal. I sanded down the top and then stained w/ Minwax Dark Walnut and applied countless layers of wipe on polyurethane. The pulls were sprayed w/ Rustoleum Dark Walnut.

And look at me labeling my pics. I've been using picmonkey photo editing since Picnic is no longer. Simple and easy to use.

Off to paint the chair and drag this back into the garage.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Green!!!

Oh am I coming out of my little blue gray shell or what? Ya ready for a little Spring Green??? I wasn't but the woman who wanted these painted was. Once I saw her two inspiration pics though I was sold. One I recognized right away....a Chrissie piece,  The other, dubbed The Appletini by Monica @ Decorating Insanity. How is that for awesome inspiration! Here's the set she wanted painted which I found on CL only 5 minutes from the train station I was dropping my son off at on his way back to college after Spring break.
   Painted BM Paradise Hills Green, glazed in Espresso and the tops were stained English Chestnut. I was super careful when sanding down the tops because the veneer on these was very thin. One false move and no stained tops for you, ha! Seriously though, I probably would have cried if I went through the veneer.

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