Sunday, December 12, 2010

5 dollar find!

As the rest of you are busy wrapping, shopping and decorating, I am still obsessed with painting furniture. Yes, I need to get my priorities in order or I will be a complete stress case this time next week. Anyway, I picked this up at the flea market for a mere 5 bucks.  I love the shape of the legs, the carved sides, the oval top plus it's all  made of solid cherry and perfectly constructed from a company called Mersman. I've been wanting to sand something down to the bare wood and stain it and this seemed like the perfect piece to do just that since the top was in poor shape.
Just started sanding when I remembered to take a before pic.
I mixed some blue and gray craft paint into a creamy white I already had. I was going for mostly gray with a hint of blue. I asked my kids what color it looked like to them, my son said, sky blue-wrong answer, my older daughter said light blue- again wrong answer and my youngest daughter responded with, it looks grayish blue-right answer. She is my artsy one so we'll go with her response!
All stain removed and sanded and painted a lovely shade of sky blue :).
I stained the top with minwax dark walnut.

Hmmmm, it is lookin' a little on the blue side.

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Allison@FabRehab said...

Love it all! The color, the top, the price! Great work! It might be a little bluer than you wanted, but I think it looks fab!

Anonymous said...

The dark stained top is gorgeous on that little table. I'd say you got more than your $5 dollars worth! Nice work!

Take care,

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Way to cute, I am green with envy that you picked it up for 5 bucks!

Gillian Layne said...

I like it very much! Those legs are really pretty.

Honey at 2805 said...

The tale was a real find at $5, and you did a great job on the finish! I become a follower a few days ago and hope you will stop by and consider same. Happy Holidays!

Tasha said...

Sue, It looks GORGEOUS! I love the color of the top along with the grey-blue or whatever you decide it is...either looks great! I'm so jealous that you found that for $5! LUCKY!
Made my day!

Elle {SWITCHEROOm} said...

Love the color! Gorgeous! $5?? Lucky you!

Kim @ Second Time Furniture said...

I LOVE it! The two colors together are just gorgeous, and I love the distressing!