Friday, March 30, 2012

Peeling Veneer and a Cottage Dresser

Another flea market find. Loved it and the price but one drawer had serious bubbling and peeling veneer issues. Since I intend to sell it, I knew I couldn't just paint it and hope they don't notice. Oh, they will notice. So, I bought some fabric and mod podged it onto the drawer and cabinet fronts. I did it in the same way I did this French Provincial side table.

Painted with an oops shade of yellow and distressed.

Not sure I like the every other drawer painted thing. Maybe all the drawers should be fabric covered. Thoughts????

Fast forward...2 days later. I am not happy w/ this so I decide to remove the little shell applique so I can put fabric underneath it. Then I'll happily place the shell thingie back. Not quite, this is where I run into problems. The shell thingie is now a million little wood pieces so I decide wine is probably a good idea :) I did however place a strip of fabric on the bottom recessed area which I was pretty happy with. I ordered an applique off of Ebay on the cheap and will finish this at a later date. Note to self...stay away from major veneer issues!

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Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

The fabric and colour are fun choices. I think it looks great as it is, or you could add more fabric if it is bothering you.

Linda at French Hollow said...

What a lovely idea! I adore your choice of color and fabric. Personally, I do think I would cover all of the drawers. I might also use painted wooden knobs so they would show up better against the fabric and save the gorgeous glass ones for a different project.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

I love the buttery yellow and the drawers behind the doors! You gave it a fun look with the fabric!

Christine said...

Such a transformation... WOW!!! It's so beautiful!

I hope you'll come and share this over at The DIY Dreamer!

Lori said...

I like the every other drawer, but if you just have to change it maybe just an outline or an accent with fabric on the yellow. That fabric is super cute! Lori

driftwoodesign said...

Cute redo.
Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

Maureen said...

You did a great job - especially since it had (grrrr) veneer issues.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...'s soooo charming!!! Would love to have you come by and enter my “coastal” giveaway…you can find it on my sidebar.


Katy said...

I love this. Breaking out of the gray with yellow and pretty paper -- I would totally put this somewhere in my house if I had room.
Hope things are well with you.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

You are the WINNER of the coastal necklace over at my blog...Coastal Charm. Please e-mail me your full name and address Congrats to YOU!!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Hey congratulations on your win! I laughed through your post, I like you always know when something is not right, that's what makes you a great transformer!! That is one cute piece though!


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