Monday, December 26, 2011

Beatles Art

Who doesn't LOVE The Beatles? Made this for Christmas for my special friend who loves The Beatles almost as much as I do.

It was a huge pain because I made some of the stencils out of contact paper and an exacto knife. I am exacto knife challenged. He loved it so all the cursing love that went into it was worth it.

I used some vinyl letters, stencils and images off the internet to create my own stencils.

 Hope you all had a wonderful holiday w/ family and friends. Now it's back to painting for me w/ my favorite present...chalk paint! Thanks to my special friend who btw left the special paint gift at his house by accident. Now I must wait just a little longer.

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Outofmymind said...

I want one!!!! That is so great. Or a tutorial!!!!!!

Maria said...

You're right, who doesn't love the Beatles?! This is really great!

the cape on the corner said...

NEAT! i love the beatles, but i used to be OBsessed. my obsessed self would have loved this, and so glad your friend did, too.