Sunday, September 14, 2014

Table Turned Tufted Ottoman

A friend from my HS days gave me this table. It sits super low so I decided to attempt to turn it into an ottoman......a tufted ottoman. Seemed easy enough. Picked out some cool Ikat fabric and just kinda went with it and learned some things along the way.

First I sectioned off the top to mark where I was going to put the fabric covered buttons. I eyeballed this step. I'm pretty good at eyeballing and not so great with math.

I'll have the big slice, please. Close enough, right?

 I marked off where I wanted my buttons to go and drilled holes through those markings. Put my foam on top and used a skewer to puncture through the wood into the foam and marked the foam. We do things very professionally over here, ya know.

Stapled the foam onto the table top. I am completely winging it at this point. But this step made it super easy to find exactly where I wanted my buttons to go after the fabric was placed and stapled onto the underside. Ya, following me here?

 I flipped the table and stapled the fabric to the underside. Now this is where things get not so fun. Tufting and what not to do. Do not use regular thread, it will snap and you, my friend, will curse every time it does. I would have gone with thicker foam. Thicker would result in deeper tufts.

Oh I missed the whole fabric button can buy this little kit at Hobby Lobby or Walmart to do this. It's actually quite easy, you'll think you're a super star making these awesome little buttons.

I decided after much cursing and not having proper thread to just slam a staple into the fabric right through the foam and into the table. Then I just sewed the buttons on top of the staple and done!

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Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

considering you eyeballed and winged it you did a fantastic job well done

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