Monday, April 11, 2011

Take A Walk on the Wild Side

When I see French Provincial furniture, I always think feminine and painted in pretty pastel shades. Oh, contraire with this tall CL find. In walk Martin and his wife Joellen, a very nice couple that stopped by to check out some furniture. Martin fell in love w/ this tall dresser that had been waiting to be painted. My plan....pale robins egg blue w/ touches of white. Martin's plan....Platypus style, particularly the fresco finish. Say it isn't so. Oh, it's so. If you've never checked out the line of Platypus furniture, you must. The finishes and colors are crazy inspirational. 

Unfortunately, I didn't take pics through the process. I guess I was thinking this will be disastrous. I undercoated the drawer fronts w/ Rustoleum Dark Walnut spray paint because Martin liked distressing and the veneer on this wasn't going to cut it when I took sand paper to it. After the paint dried, I grabbed a white candle ans rubbed it on areas I planned to distress. This is done so you don't pull off all your "hard work"
spraying only to leave yourself w/ the original icky finish.

Next the dreaded orange was painted on the drawer fronts and I am thinking a glass of wine is not a bad idea. At this point, I'm absolutely cringing...the wine helped :) Praying glaze will come through in the end and make all better. The body of the dresser I painted a deep espresso brown...cause Martin said to, ha! Good call, Martin.

Oh how I wish I took pics so you could empathize and feel my pain. I did snap this to show the orange ugliness before glazing...
After I glazed the drawer fronts in a deep brown, I was happily surprised how it turned out. Painting your own vision is one thing but trying to paint someone elses is tough. I hope Martin loves it. He is fantastic, a UPS driver, and since we met takes pics of roadside finds and emails them to me complete w/ addresses! How nice and thoughtful is that?

I lined the drawers w/ a very cool fabric and used a template made out of poster board to get those curves right.

I still have to email Martin pics and am keeping my fingers crossed that I pulled off what he envisioned.

Looks like I have to do something about that area I sanded...maybe paint 'em up like Chrissie does.

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Here On Crow Creek said...

BEAUTIFUL!!I love it!

Chrissie said...

I think it looks totally awesome, I'm sure he will love it!How cool that you get a chance at those roadside finds, it pays to have friends in high places~

Anonymous said...

I really love this. I've been wanting to use the same colours on a side table I have. :)

Kim @ A Brush of Whimsy said...

You are so funny! I think it's cool~ the inside is my favorite part! I can't believe he sends you adds of roadside rescues!! Lucky you!

Jennifer said...

Sue it is amazing! I love the dresser. I went through past posts and found more amazing pieces. Dang I don't know why I wasn't following before. I am so jealous! I need me a Martin to find me some roadside pieces! You can come redo my two dressers in my garage any time!

Nina Macaulay said...

What a beautiful result!
Its hard to make things fro customers that is a bit out of your own style, but you made this look great!
Very inspiring blog too, thank you for sharing your work.

Have a good day,
Regards Nina

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous, Sue! I like the two toned look! It accents the curved drawers. I think we all need a friend like Martin. That is awesome! I found a cafe style chair curbside, yesterday, and got all excited! LOL
Have a great Tuesday! ~M

Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!

I would have needed a bottle when I saw that color!!

Amazing job!!!

And he take photos and sends you the addresses....does he have a brother!!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oh love this!!! it is So glamorous!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I actually gasped when I saw it!! That Martin has an OK taste after all....He better love it, it's gorgeous!! I wish I had a UPS driver like that!!! Those boards on my post I picked up from the curb! I won't be able to tell you any more about my magazine project until October, that does not mean I can't torture you for a few posts though LOL


Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

Oh my this is so pretty. I love that it isn't robin egg's blue because that's been done. It's gorgeous, but you see that all the time. This paint job I have never seen. I don't know how you did it, but wow you are talented!

Megan said...

Wow, what a great dresser!!! I love the two tone look!!